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It’s Been Said… The More Outrageous the Lie, The More People Will Believe It. Watch this!

Part 2 of 2…


Biggest Lie Of All… Pandemics are dangerous to modern societies. Must read!



“Once a proper assessment of the safety and efficacy claims was made herein — upon which the emergency use authorization (EUA)’s and ultimate final authorizations were granted — it was found that the COVID-19 injectable products were neither safe nor effective,” she added.

According to McCollough, “mRNA should never have been authorized for human use.”

Link to Cureus Research Paper,!/



A stunning Japanese study that has evolved from preprint to peer-reviewed publication suggests that all COVID-19 variants were engineered in biolabs and intentionally released upon humanity. First released in August 2023, the study, conducted by renowned Japanese virologists Professors Atsushi Tanaka and Takayuki Miyazawa of Osaka Medical University and Kyoto University, affirms that the push to keep COVID around is part of a nefarious deep state scheme to remove our individual freedoms and control us.


*VIDEO* Professors Find Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine is Contaminated with 200 Billion Pieces of DNA… NOT GOOD!


They CONNED The Entire World!



Just The Facts… Masks Do NOT Work. Period.


Even More Evidence That Nobody Should Wear A Mask.


Probably the most important issue regarding the shots… Informed Consent.



Nothing changes… “In total, since 2000 Pfizer has accumulated $10,945,838,549 ($11B) in penalties and incurred 96 violations covering a wide range of offenses.”



It All Started Decades Ago… This Is Frightening!


Check Your Lot Number – Search the database of batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities, adverse events and illnesses for CoVid 19 injections.


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Small Percent of Vaccine Batches Responsible for Large Number of Adverse Reactions, Analysts Claim


Finally! New research demonstrating a safe & successful way to cleanse the body of the dangerous spike protein. We have this supplement available in the office and we can ship it anywhere in the U.S.


This is why you want to use nattokinase to rid your body of the nasty spike protein!


If you are still wearing a mask (or God-forbid masking your child), it is time to upgrade your knowledge.


09-07-2022. Kristen Megan exposes the JUNK SCIENCE behind masks and social distancing.


12-7-2022. Senator Ron Johnson Roundtable Discussion. COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries, to shed light on the current state of knowledge surrounding the vaccine and the path forward. Medical experts and doctors who specialize in COVID-19 vaccine research and treatment will join Sen. Johnson at the roundtable.


10-22-2022. BOMBSHELL DISCOVERIES from Karen Kingston!!! … Includes documents and patents.


Dr. David Martin connecting the dots! 



Documentary “Safe and Effective – A Second Opinion 2022”.


Evidence Of Harm 09-21-2022 (Very Good Summary)


Links to helpful resources and qualified experts:

Apparently THERE IS A COMPENSATION PROGRAM for those injured or killed by any CoVid jab. Please share. All V.A.E.R.S. reports of adverse events and deaths should also be reported here…

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche Youtube Channel:


Please check back often … more resources will be posted as the truth continues to be revealed.