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The human liver is a most wondrous organ and gland. It is the body’s biochemical factory — the primary processing facility for the body. The liver is the foundation to the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms and is vital to overall health and well-being. Liver health directly integrates into and greatly influences our lifespan and quality of life. As the liver goes, so goes the body.

The liver is both an exocrine gland, secreting bile into the intestine and an endocrine gland secreting insulin-like growth factors in response to stimulation by growth hormone as well as other substances. Weighing between 3 and 3.5 pounds, the size of a football and shaped like a wedge, the liver is the largest solid organ in the body.

The liver is the primary filter of the blood; takes food nutrients from the intestines and converts them into usable forms; secretes bile for fat digestion; metabolizes proteins, carbohydrates and fats; breaks down and removes wastes and toxins including poisonous substances such as alcohol and drugs. It also converts sugar into glycogen and stores it along with important vitamins and nutrients; configures blood-clotting factors; regulates blood volume and destroys old red blood cells. Incredibly diverse, it performs over 500 currently known functions. More are to be discovered.

The liver holds about one pint (13%) of the body’s blood supply at any given moment. Human life is impossible without it. However, your liver is amazingly regenerative, capable of growing back to full size within a matter of months. As an indication of the body’s hierarchical priorities, in cases of hypoglycemia, where not enough nutrients are present in the blood for both the brain and liver, the brain is told to take a nap until adequate nutrients are once again present to bring the brain back to full activity. To duplicate all the myriad functions, activities and processes of the liver would require a factory whose dimensions were 1 mile square. Yes, incredible! A miracle in both design and function.

Many years ago, Doc Wheelwright, the Founder and Formulator of Systemic Formulas took an extended trip to China to research and find the most effective formulas for the liver. Doc knew the Chinese revered the liver as the “seat of the soul” and the “general” of the body’s organizational hierarchy. He discovered that the Chinese would often greet each other first thing in the morning saying, “Good Morning! How is your liver?” as they slapped their right side to stimulate a sluggish liver.

Years later, Doc was one of the first international explorers of botanicals in the Amazon river valley. Doc used to say the true wealth of planet Earth was found in the herbs and plants of the Amazon river valley as that region never suffered an Ice Age, thus preserving its flora, fauna and herbal riches from time immemorial.

In his study of the Brazilian herbs, Doc made an amazing discovery. He knew the liver consisted of four major lobes: right, left and the two lower lobes: caudate and quadrate each with their own unique features and bio energies. Doc discovered seven Amazonian herbs that possessed ALL 4 separate bio energies in each herb: 60,000 bvw (bio valence by Wheelwright) for the right lobe, 6000 bvw for the left lobe and approximately 600 bvw for the lower two lobes.

Doc was stunned! He had stumbled upon a divine secret hidden for the ages, that these 7 herbs were created for the express intent to heal and restore the liver. Deeply spiritual and humbled, Doc used to say, “If you didn’t believe in a God before this discovery, how could you not believe in God after realizing this?”

With their lower energies, Doc also believed the two lower lobes were primarily storage reservoirs for toxic substances.

The two formulas Doc created from these discoveries are Systemic Formulas’ two preeminent liver formulas: L – Liver and Ls Liver S. In the author’s experience, each are exemplary and far surpass any other liver formulas present today. They are truly regenerative in nature. That is why we call the following program the Liver Regeneration program. We employ L – Liver and Ls – Liver S in this comprehensive Liver Regeneration Program. The liver is so fundamentally and vitally important to the whole body that it serves as the foundation for all other nutritional programs.

We have used these formulas with clients for 20+ years. They work consistently and reliably in the vast majority. Little miracles have occurred more than once. Conditions such as Cirrhosis, Fatty Degeneration, Jaundice, Alcoholism, Hepatitis, Adenoma, Elevated Liver Enzymes, Toxemia, Obesity, Drug and Medication Overdose and various forms of Liver disease have responded quite favorably.

A common indicator and sign of impaired liver function is jaundice, a yellowness of the eyes and skin arising from excessive bilirubin in the blood. Jaundice may result from an elevated level of red blood cell destruction (hemolytic jaundice), impaired uptake or transport of bilirubin by the hepatic cells (hepatocellular jaundice), or a blockage in the bile ducts (obstructive jaundice). Inability of the hepatic cells to function normally may result from cirrhosis, hepatitis, vascular obstruction, tumors, or poisoning. The most common symptoms can include general weakness, yellow tinge to the sclera (whites of the eyes), easy or frequent bleeding and bruising, low blood pressure, tremor and fluid accumulation in the abdomen. Blood tests can reveal abnormal levels of cholesterol, bilirubin, serum proteins, ureaammonia, and various liver enzymes.


6 Week Program $249.00



You will be taking the following regenerative formulas from Systemic Formulas in a series of weekly alternating patterns: first, L-Liver and Ls-Liver S with #5 Stabilizer, then L – Liver and Ls-Liver S with #2 Builder and finally L – Liver and Ls-Liver S with #6 Restore, for 6 straight weeks. Can be repeated, as desired or needed.

Upon Arising & Before Bed:

Away from food – ideally at least 45 minutes (preferably 1 hour) before eating and 2 or more hours after eating.

  • Take 2 L-Liver and 2 Ls-Liver S with 1 #5 Stabilizer for Weeks 1 and 4
  • Continue to take 2 L-Liver and Ls-Liver S with 1 #2 Builder in Weeks 2 and 5
  • Continue to take 2 L-Liver and Ls-Liver S with 1 #6 Restore in Weeks 3 and 6

You will need the following to complete this program:

  • 3 bottles L- Liver (60 capsules per bottle)
  • 3 bottles Ls- Liver S (60 capsules per bottle)
  • 1 bottle #5 Stabilizer (30 capsules per bottle)
  • 1 bottle #2 Builder (30 capsules per bottle)
  • 1 bottle #6 Restore (30 capsules per bottle)


L – Liver

L – Liver is the preeminent liver building formula that supports building and maintenance of the liver’s intercellular tissues. This formula provides herbal and bioenergetic nutrition for the liver including softening, and purification of the liver with gentle support to the gall bladder as well.

L – Liver offers comprehensive nutritional support for the body’s biochemical factory. Doc Wheelwright’s research and mission statement for this formula focused on key operational liver functions: erythrocyte decomposition, free radical utilization, glycogen production, nutrient absorption and uptake, digestive competence, protein synthesis, microbe destruction, humanization of amino acids, bile secretion and adaption to the challenges of modern lifestyles. He maintained that the liver is the most important organ, and its health directly impacts a person’s longevity and overall quality of life.


Ls – Liver S

Ls – Liver S Supports the liver’s function and provides nutrient cofactors consumed in the liver’s innate detoxification processes. Ls supports a healthy liver through hepatic chelation and elimination processes, which supports detoxification and drainage including the Cytochrome P-450 processes. The liver uses catabolic processes to first detoxify itself, then its improved function automatically detoxifies the entire body better. Ls serves as the ‘yang’ half of the optimal liver health triad (digestion, elimination, liver) with the L (Liver) serving as the ‘yin’ half.

Doc Wheelwright designed Ls – Liver S with rain forest herbs that support normal and effective liver function. His concept was: “Instead of force-cleansing the liver, simply support its normal, innate function and it will do all of its jobs better.” In his research, he accounted for the Cytochrome p450 enzyme processes and Phase I, Phase II, Phase III liver activity. He cited that this formula is the “yang” half of the healing triad’s “liver” component with the L-Liver formula being the “yin” half. He employed the L-Liver and Ls-Liver S to be one formula with two faces, both to be used in the same day.


Bio Command #2 Builder

#2 Builder promotes cellular building and reconstruction and Builds and strengthens collagen, tissue integrity and the intercellular matrix, as well as the targeted tissue, in this case the Liver. Designed to promote the inherent re-building, self-maintenance processes that occur during the tissue’s restful, re-construction cycle. This formula improves the assimilation of nutrients and supports and encourages cellular health and integrity of the targeted tissue or organ during its normal circadian “building” cycle by providing important cellular amino acids and nutrients. Nutritionally supports a tissue’s inherent building function during the building cycle. Supports the body’s normal rebuilding processes, after exercise, trauma or cleansing. Magnifies the impact of any companion Bio Function formula it is taken with.


Bio Command #5 Stabilizer

#5 Stabilizer – Nutrition for the Cell: Supports Healthy Cells, Cell Division and Replication as well as Cellular Identity and Integrity. Enhances Cellular Vitality and Wellness while controlling/inhibiting abnormal mitosis. Prevents anaerobic fermentation at the cellular level. Deters cellular Degeneration. Strengthens Cells to assist them in replicating in a healthy manner. Supports telomere length and integrity and repair of single nucleotide polymorphisms (Snips). Provides vital nutrients to support the cells’ inherent maintenance processes.



Bio Command #6 Restore

#6 Restore – A Potent Healing Accelerant. #6 promotes the body’s self-repair activities and deep cellular repair and healing.
Helps restore overall health and vitality with increased energy.

Effective for everyday needs and more obviously after injury, trauma, exercise recovery or post-surgery. Helps strengthen the cells’ nutrient base and innate integrity.


6 Week Program $249.00






Blog post above written by By Timothy Kuss, CNC